The match felt as though it could've gone either way Triple H no doubt was hitting Daniel's where it hurt most of the time literally.

Like using the table outside the ring to perform a drop bomb on his shoulder, one word to say to that ouch.

The match against Cena and Chris Bray was good, that one really looked like it could have gone either way.

Though personally I would've liked it more if things went the other way around, once you see the ending of the match, you'll know what I mean.

Daniel Brynt is I feel an underrated wrestler and he's one of my favorites because he always surprises you let alone underdog you love to route for, really love that Yes slogan he's got going which I think is a good message for anyone, that just needs to say it to themselves when things seem the most difficult.

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    He was an NCAA ranked player in the Southern Conference. He once stated in a show that before he became an actor, he took the Law School Admission Test and scored miserable grades.