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These terms are used to describe how your X chromosome SNP markers match another's.

The matching tools (such as GEDmatch) will compare the single X chromosome of a man to both X chromosomes of a women.

This means that your X-DNA matches might be found predominantly on one family line over another.

An X-DNA test would likely show a stronger relationship to the daughter's paternal grandmother (and her descendants) than to her maternal grandmother or grandfather (and their descendants)... On average, you get around half of your DNA from your mother and half from your father.

Notice the full matches in green and no yellow half matches. Additionally, because the overlap between both charts above are primarily in the same regions, this means that this unknown cousin is most likely related to me along the same family line as my known female cousin above.

Some matching guidelines to remember: it happens more frequently than it really does. One would assume that non-recombination has occurred and that one brother got his grandmother's X chromosome and the other got his grandfather's X chromosome.

It's important to note that when comparing any woman, GEDmatch does not indicate X chromosome you match (the one from her maternal grandmother or the one from her maternal grandfather), only that a match exists.

This means that you can only reliably detect non-recombination events by testing grandparents. In this example, the son would be a 100% (196c M) half match to both his mother and his grandmother.

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