World dating icq

The success of the program got AOL’s attention which acquired the business in 1998 with a price tag of 7 in the beginning and other payments of 0 million every year for the next three years.In 1998, this was the largest purchase of any Israeli company to date.There are some funny and even endearing stories out there that one can read on the Internet, about the start of families and love stories of people from different countries that found each other through ICQ, fell in love and eventually, after months or years of enduring a long distance relationship, were able to travel and meet the “virtual love of their lives”.Sometimes, the outcomes, however, were not as fairy tale like as it sounds.Official ICQ for Windows 8 with video and audio calls!One of the world's best known instant messengers is now available for Windows 8.

Probably anyone that was born in the 80s, early 90s or before then remembers ICQ.

Around 2000 I got annoyed with the ads and crap in ICQ, so I wrote Miranda ICQ, now called Miranda IM ( based on libicq.

One of my main inspirations to write the app was I wanted to connect a chatbot to ICQ to harass my friends, but the standard API wouldn't allow sending messages.

I also wrote the initial Miranda ICQ plugin for the new protocol as well, I think that was back in 2002.

Just thought I'd say hey.licq, thanks for that, scary thoughts how much of my life back then passed thru licq. There's just 'me' these days, but I'm holding the fort.

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