Wicket ajaxselfupdatingtimerbehavior

We hope this example helps you get started in rolling your own solution.Last but not least, I would like to thanks Martin Grigorov for guiding me in writing this small article, making nice amendments to it and for he's invaluable work maintaining Apache Wicket.From time to time Wicket users ask questions related to how to deal with background jobs in Wicket. "How do I make Application or Session available to a background thread?" Or, "How do I deal with showing some progress information, or allow the user to cancel a background process? We have build a small toy project to illustrate a possible way to do those things.

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Most notably the automatic updates were a boon and the admin UI was evolving nicely.

With a press of a button I could upgrade my blogs to a new major release of Wordpress.

And in the latest releases they even upgraded Wordpress for you automatically to patch releases.

Hosting a Wordpress blog is almost gratis, where Java hosting brought considerable costs with it.

The choice for Wordpress was quite simple at that time.

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