Who is tilda swinton dating

She is an english actress famous for her roles in We Need To Talk About Kevin, Moonrise Kingdom, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Chronicles of Narnia, and many more. Many fans comment not only on her apparent acting talent, but also on her kind personality.TILDA Swinton's former partner has revealed that he is the child of an incestuous relationship - and described the union as 'traditional'.

Academy Award-winning British Actress Tilda Swinton is an interesting bird indeed. Here she is in one of our favorite David Bowie (RIP) music videos.Rumors have swirled that the relationship between the three, plus John Byrne’s girlfriend, is more than a love based on shared children.This is partially because John met Tilda and Sandro at the airport and greeted them both warmly, then preceded to help carry Sandro’s bag.Tilda declared casually in an interview with Harper’s Bazzar, “We are all a family, what you must also know is that we are all very happy.” Their family consists of her and her paramour, Sandro Kopp living in her centuries-old family home in Scotland.And her twin children’s father John Byrne often comes and stays at the estate to help take care of the family, and show that they are still indeed family despite not being married and being in love with other people.

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