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RD: It’s primarily the reparation of cleft lips and cleft palates.

Typically both operations aren’t done at once because it’s an awful lot for the child to deal with.

That was my first introduction to the work they were doing.

Last year, when our series ended after nine seasons, they approached me to ask if I would join their board of governors and consider the possibility of becoming a national spokesperson and going on some missions with them.

Roma Downey gets Bachelor degree from Brighton Art College in England.

She’s currently married to her third husband, producer Mark Burnett.

CC: When they presented you with the award, was there any mention of the “iffy” comment?Having played an angel for so long, you can imagine that I’ve been asked to endorse any number of causes over the years.Obviously I have to limit my participation with any charity, so I decided to really concentrate on my love of children.Their philosophy is that if you give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach him to fish he’ll eat for his lifetime.They’re really trying to show these local doctors how to…

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