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Matt his simply his buddy from college he bounces ideas off of and jokes with while stoned.I always got the sense that Trey was a tortured soul, like most artists are.Ever since it first aired on television in 1997, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s hugely popular animated comedy, South Park, has courted controversy due to its crude jokes, deliberate lack of tact, and the creators’ steadfast refusal to self-censor or bow to external pressures.However, two years after the show debuted, a feature length film was released – South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut – and in order for it to gain an R rating, Stone and Parker had no choice but to chop and change certain scenes.You might think south park is not funny but The Book of Mormon grossed 200 million dollars, South Park has netted them 300 million (I happen to think South Park is still funny)...i have worked with both of them. I don't give a fuck what they stick their dicks into.Trey's social commentary is brilliant and hilarious.Apparently he's still bitter over a woman dumping him 15 years earlier (Cartman's slut mom is named after her).[quote]They seem like they would be given their politics.It's almost unbelievable that idiots like OP are STILL laboring under the delusion that they're Republicans, even though they constantly pillory Repugs on their show."...

People who do not understand comical satire took that movie to be some kind of Republican manifesto / revenge movie - when, it was in fact, the complete opposite.

and this show was pro-gay from day one."No, not really.

Surprised you think so given all the horrible gay stereotypes and one of their early shows making Streisand some kind of Godzilla creature, not because of her ego, but because she wanted to boycott Colorado for an anti-gay law they passed. They used to admit to being Republicans, before it became fashionable identify as Libertarians.

Crazy but with flashes of brilliance, and that Matt was the sane cynic who kept him grounded and spiraling out.

When I see Trey talk about Matt, I also get a sense that there might've been a tiny tinge of longing on Trey's part for his friend. They would never take on and expose shit like the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz et al. South Park stopped being funny ages ago, when they stopped focusing on the characters, and started focusing on politics and current events. They manged to make one of the funniest movies ever made,with a great score, "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut".

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