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but now she talks too much i wish she would go back to how she used to be :(I think it's effecting a lot of people, actually. I am subscribed to so many of my friends and I never even see their videos in my subscription feed.

i think it has to do with her changing a lot and the quality has changed a lot her videos were a lot better before and quick simple, and very funny!

Believe it or not, but pesky "real life" activities plague even our favorite You Tubers. They even let in the competition: ubiquitous Facebooker Dave Morin is pictured here with i Justine, aka Justine Ezarik, the lifecasting personality, and, as commenter Bowen Dunlop Justine Ezarik is a pretty blond girl who calls herself "i Justine" and gets hundreds of thousands of hits on her You Tube videos of her doing completely irrelevant bullshit like shopping or telling boring stories to the camera, because of the fact that young men will generally watch pretty blond girls do anything, which then makes said girl popular, which then attracts young female viewers, who will watch popular girls do anything.

We assumed they only lived in my computer merely for our own personal entertainment, too. Mindless lemmings drawn to reflections of our own vapid selves, we all are.

Find out more detailed facts about who she is below.

Jenna Ezarik is an American woman born on August 27, 1989, in Pennsylvania.

Update: Ezarik denies that she and Fishner-Wolfson are an item — and claims to be 5'3". He's planning an American Idol-type contest to find out.

(In heels, perhaps.) A tipster tells us we're off in picking i Justine as the new host for Jason Calacanis's little-watched Mahalo Daily videoblog, previously known solely for featuring former CNET personality Veronica Belmont. Rumors peg Pittsburgh-native Justine Ezarik, better known as i Justine, as an early favorite. In it, i Justine interviews SXSW music attendees to the shortly after SXSW interactive geeks left Austin. John French forwarded us a poorly punctuated invite.

My family and everyone I knew were and are actors in a script, a charade whose entire purpose is to make me the focus of the world's attention." No, it's not a new blog post by After people who never signed up started getting "creepy" text messages inviting them to join, actual consenting users complained back that the app had sent unsolicited texts to their entire contact lists — and ohmigod, fanboy-favorite videoblonder A tipster tells us that Justine Ezarik, the diminutive videoblogger better known as i Justine, has hooked up with a guy named Justin. My Space attempted to feign bubbliness last night with a Lionel Richie-headlined party at San Francisco's Old Mint.For a more thoughtful exploration of this issue, let's see what former Gawker ed.This has rubbed off on Jenna Ezarik and also made her famous, but what then did she get famous for?Before we delve into that, take this as a tip of the iceberg about who she is.

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