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There could be lots of reasons to do with your past (and maybe a poor relationship with your mum) why curvy older women press your buttons but this double fling is a dead end for you. I tried to push him off but he turned me round and stuck his tongue in my mouth. She came to pick me up but my boyfriend punched her and gave me a black eye. Your boyfriend assaulted you and his brother sexually assaulted you. She’s 20 now and wants to get married and have babies.

Both these women are married, so neither of them can make any genuine commitment to you. That evening I went into the kitchen and the brother followed me. My boyfriend says I’m a liar and he never wants to see me again. Tell the police and ask your mum to report his assault on her. Contact Victim Support for understanding advice (uk, 0808 1689 111). I’m 22 and have got a place at a university 100 miles away. She texts and emails constantly, demanding to see me.

But for your own sake, take time to get to know a new man and find out whether he is serious.

Older single women often seek young males in an effort to relive their own youthful spirit, with their high energy and thrill-seeking attitude that may have disappeared during their 30-40's.

Regardless of why this occurs, there are numerous tell-tale signs to know if older single women are flirting with you.

I get on well with them and they come and stay with us every other weekend. He divorced his wife five years ago and we have been together for three years.

Since we got engaged, his ex-wife has taken a fierce dislike to me and banned me from entering her home.

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