Vb net form validating

Net page is rendered in the browser the name of the control has been converted to its HTML equivalent so to access the name of the control in ASP. By default j Query displays an error message once the validation field is something so it's recommended to customize the default error message to minimize the confusion.We need to use the following syntax to display the custom validation message based on the control. The complete code will be like: If we run the preceding code the output will be like.Custom Validation We can also make an Ajax call and check some condition depending on our needs.In the following example I am checking whether the email id is available or not.However, Regular Expression Validator is one of the most useful validators, because it can be used to check the validity of any kind of string.

In simple form, the format is like this: Actually when the ASP.If the email id is available then it should show an error message and restrict the form from posting to the server.For doing that we need to use the following procedure. Just remember that if the record is available then the method should return false otherwise true.In the same way we can also validate an URL using: When we run the page it will show like: We can also check other comparison validation by creating our custom rule.I already showed how to add a custom rule with j Query validation.

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