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Calculations on Parameters Since we have covered the bulk of the calculations in the section above let's just focus on a few different operations to show how parameters with specific data types play an important role.Since this set of examples are not comprehensive, feel free to copy the code below into a SQL Server 2005 Management Studio window and test the code with some of your own logic.Calculations on Columns Another option is to calculate the values based on a SELECT statement as the example below shows.If the data is in 1 or more columns, this approach eliminates the need to calculate the values based on additional parameters or logic.The question is which Power Shell command or sequence of commands we leverage to get the job done. To that end, I’d like to leave you with a challenge question for you to work on: How can you modify our Get-Uptime function such that it targets a predefined list of remote computers in addition to the local system? What we want to do, specifically, is: In this article, we’ll begin with the final objective. Let me give you the Get-Uptime function definition in total, and then I’ll explain each line to you: Once you’ve loaded the Get-Uptime function into session memory, you can call it at any time during that session by typing Get-Uptime and pressing ENTER. You may have already added the Get-Uptime function to your new user profile script; if so, then so much the better. Window Title = "Tim's Power Shell Console" $console.

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It’s all well and good if you manage a System Center shop and have all of these metrics aggregated and available to you at a glance.

So if you need some of those basic building blocks those are available and we will walk through some examples in this tip.

In addition, SQL Server can calculate SUM, COUNT, AVG, etc.

Review and copy the code into a SQL Server 2005 Management Studio window to get a feel for these calculations.

Certainly this list is not comprehensive, so feel free to test some operations in your applications or from your experiences.

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