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Bad information leads to bad user interactions, bad analytics and bad sales. Email addresses should always have the same structure: [email protected] . An email form field should check if the user has entered an email address correctly.

An email address has some text, followed by the @ symbol, then a domain name, a dot (.) and finally an extension. An age-old question is “where do we check for valid input: server-side or client-side?

Documentation Moment 2.10.0 does not bring any new features, but the code is now written in ECMAScript 6 modules and placed inside We're looking for co-maintainers!

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” Server-side checking entails the user submitting the form to the server, such as ASP, C# or PHP, then the server code checks and returns an error if it finds one. Client-side validation usually means: Java Script intercepting the form before it’s submitted to check for errors, possibly using regex.

This saves the trip to the server but still uses a bit of code.

However, it doesn't take into account the complexities of timezones and working with local time versus UTC/GMT time.

Because of these complexities, it is generally better to lean on a robust and well-tested library like to do things like date comparisons.

Joshua Studley is a Sr UI Engineer at Kelley Blue Book.

While we should still use server-side validation, I’m going to discuss how we can make the most of client-side validation to reduce the number server requests.

HTML5 brought us several No longer, do we need crazy long regex patterns to validate form fields.

Folks on the forum may (rightfully) suggest looking at other PDI Steps to help with date validation before trying Java Script Step.

Can you update your post to help describe what you mean by "validate date"?

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