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With the CSP, Microsoft has finally set up cloud in a way that most partners want to sell it and in a way that customers seem to want to buy it.For the vast majority of partners, who are not existing Microsoft Syndication Partners or distributors, the CSP has two main paths.A partner can be a 1-Tier partner or a 2-Tier reseller.The 1-Tier partner is approved by Microsoft and orders seats on behalf of customers directly from Microsoft, rather than through another partner type.

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That gives the customer the simplicity of a single bill to pay, and a single throat to choke, and gives the partner control over margin.To get that relationship, a partner must have a series of capabilities.To qualify for 1-Tier, a partner must be able to bill, provide 24x7 support, do technical integration and handle customer lifecycle management.They in turn work with the bulk of Microsoft partners, who are the 2-Tier resellers.Depending on a given cloud distributor's offering, those resellers may still have control over customer billing and may also be able to outsource white-labeled support services to the distributor.

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