Updating table while open cursor

JSON_VALUE function provides an easy way to access a value for a given key, but is there a way to obtain all the key names? Hello Tom, Is there a way to identify SQL queries that are consuming the majority of the shared pool for e.g Session #1 is using 56 kbsession #2 is 10mb I would want to identify each query and the memory value it's consuming. Hello Tom & Team, Can you please provide to get the list of sql ids along with elasped times and other metrics for a given sql statment.

Once obtained, can i force oracle to use a particular sql id which was performing better ? Hi, I would like to fing whats the best way to allow user to truncate table that is own by some one else thru forms on-line basis.

We use this value to raise an exception of type CX_SY_NATIVE_SQL_ERROR.

We can then catch the same exception and import the error message to display in our program.

For every batch run, PKT_BATCH_LOAD will return around 800,000 Order_IDs to process and currently it takes around 2 hours to execute this stored procedure.

Hi Tom, Great to visit ask tom site i'm keep on learning oracle things here. i have loaded with "SRC_key = 16" new source data into tables which we used in this view. Short question: If I delete cca 3M entries from table of cca 6.5 rows (and 19 columns), would it be beneficial to re-index? Hello, I want to use TDE tablespace encryption on my database.

One part of my study is "how can I manage my Master key" : my security officer ask me to change regularly the key.

The cursor index points to each row and the period operator In the below listing, an implicit cursor FOR loop with a SELECT statement is processed for a set of employees.

Here, the OPEN stage is started internally once the program control reaches the FOR loop, the FETCH operation is performed inside the loop and the CLOSE stage is performed once the program control exits the loop.

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