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Please understand that it's very easy for issues with the patch to delay the release of the patch.

Phil Though it's great to hear good news about Madden 09, I can't help but feel excitement for the future of the Madden franchise w/ all this community interaction going on . Amplify the field degredation effect (the system is currently working but is hidden by some of our late added post effects) 4.

Again, the CPU running out of bounce with lots of spare room up field to run sorta has me worried, plz look into this, thx PS..anything on the muddy fields? Everyone who is saying this should have been caught during testing, I agree but it wasnt so give it a rest. What do you want them to do get in the delorean and go back in time? That said, the more of this you CAN get in, the better, and the QB tuning alone would probably be enough to tide me over until 2010, but to get Accelerated clock AND sliders back... Good luck getting everything working, and thank you for giving it your best shot.

Entering week nine of the regular season and EA is preparing to push out the tenth roster update for Madden 09 tomorrow.

Other post-release community feedback The same warning comes with this one. CPU Sliders (you would have the all new human sliders as well as a brand new screen of CPU sliders) 3. Madden Community Gamerpics (a variety of gamerpics that will show what community you belong to.

We're still evaluating these changes and are working hard to get them out as quick as possible. make sure your community managers know you want an OS gamerpic.) We're targeting a mid-September release for patch#2 and the DLC but will give constant updates and screenshots as we progress.

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