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Hi, today I am going to clarify one important thing which bothers a lot of of my Blog readers. And now, where my blog readers have the biggest problem? I will make Task 2 100% complete based on its earlier Actual Start Date and original Duration, so I will enter the Actual Finish Date in the Update Tasks dialog box: Finally, I will get: the question is: At the first look, it seems that this is a bug, because Start Date id , finish Date is , but Duration is 0,5 days instead of 3 days.

MS Project can sometimes update in unexpected ways. Click in the graph pane and right click on Peak Units or Work. When done updating, scroll through all activities and check for two things.

Right click on the lower left-hand word written sideways, and select Resource Graph.

While this does provide opportunities for further editing, it also means that the objects and overall layout can get distorted if you try to resize the graphic after pasting it into another document.

If the graphic is too wide to fit a slide or email message properly, you can avoid any distortions by resizing the MS Project window before clicking Copy Timeline.

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