Svn checksum mismatch while updating

It would be nice if it would actually tell me why that happened, but it’s clearly more temperamental than that. ) I simply checked out a new working copy of this directory, examined the checksums and, voila, Subversion has been fooled. Step by step (because I’m sure someone, somewhere, somehow, will run into this again—if it’s not me that is!

), this procedure looked like this: an elegant or even the recommended solution to this problem.

Something has gotten out of sync or has become corrupt, and because it's in your BASE directory, unless you are confident tinkering with this, you're probably better off deleting the parent of the directory and then perform an update.

Of course, take a backup or see if an export works before doing this, so you don't lose any changes.

Clean / Revert / Update(after deleting the files) did nothing.

I'm running windows 7 with tortoisesvn 1.7.11 64 bit version.

I believe this is related to the xml documentation files.I can’t explain why this happened because in my several-year-long history with Subversion, I’ve never experienced this issue once.However, today, I fell into the (arguably) unfortunate circumstance of running into a most disturbing error from SVN.I thought that committing onto a file that is pegged should be possible and essentially branches off this code?Copy all files in your project to a temporary backup folder. Diff changed files with the backup folder, copy your changed files into the original project folder. Just had this same issue on two projects and that method worked.

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