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To get along well with others, children need to develop focus, attention skills, and the ability to restrain their impulses. The preschool years are an important time to learn such self-control, and we can help them do it. Teachers can easily manage class (Q&A) question and answers using this platform.Teachers can create virtual classroom and students can join these classroom and collaborate with teachers and other students from different schools.

Technology has changed the way students and teachers collaborate in classroom and outside of the classroom.Mendeley is basically a students technology which can help them manage research work, organize it , share it with friends and also discover more academic material submitted by friends and fellow students.Try out Mendeley here: Teachers with issues of integrating technology with education try out Moodle, it is a simple technology which works as a Course Management System, and many teachers are using Moodle to create effective online learning sites.(2) Kigo Apps can be used to provide exam preparation support to all students.Learn More here: This is a people-focused search engine which was designed to index academic works. The difference is that Google is powered by robots which crawl web servers and index whatever they find in an organized manner, yet is basically a human edited search engine specializing in indexing full-text works, bibliographic data and academic works to help researchers find great content.

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