Steam volidating rejected

Open console by pressing the backslash key "\" (without the double quotes), in the game lobby.

Download the above and paste it on the dota 2 win32 path: "...

i am showing you my file and tell me how to remove passward i tried but its not working it always ask for password and other thing which i note is that one of my friend has esteem account and he always paly css with this account he is joing my server but other no one can join because we dont have esteem accounts now what will be the way to solve this problem and also tell me here in this file hostport is 27005 now should i change it with 27015 as i have mentioned in my last post about all ports forwarding " hostname "Gurus Lahori Shooters" //Hostname for server.

sv_password 123 //Server password for entry into multiplayer games //ip youriphereifulike //Overrides IP for multihomed hosts (just backup, not needed) //hostport 27005 //Host game server port (just backup, not needed) Well then you can't really play on the server then. That's probably why you are getting the error, Steam can't validate your account, because you do not have one.

I cannot connect to some servers from the list; I get a "Steam validation rejected" error.

Steam does not allow you to use an account for more than one thing at a time, and hosting and playing are considered 2 things.

That logic seems sound, but if that's the case, how are the 500 SC5 servers implemented then?

The console doesn't appear or the revloader gives error Try this following possible solution: - Go to your Dota 2 installation directory where revloader located. Steam\Steam Apps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win32" - Edit the file using Notepad.

- Find the string that contains this line: Proc Name=dota2-steam -silent /help - Replace that line with this: Proc Name=dota2-console -steam -appid 570 -novid -silent /help 3.

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