Stacie hall dating frankie delgado rules for dating divorced dads

When this mysterious, motorcycle-riding man burped his way into our lives, we weren’t sure what to make of him.

Then Lo gave him the world’s most hilarious nickname (Justin Bobby), and we were in love!

The show ended with everyone (including Spencer’s sister, Stephanie) agreeing to cut Speidi out of their lives.

The couple was into crystal gazing and seemed to have fallen off the deep end in a major way.

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She stayed with the series through its final season.Today LC is the best-selling author of the Heidi started out the show as a fresh-faced, fierce friend of Lauren Conrad with a bit of a work-ethic issue. We’re sure those jobs are easy to come by without a college degree.She dropped out of college practically on her first day and at the age of 19 started working for a major PR company in L. ; ; She also kicked off the series with what we thought was a dramatic relationship with Jordan Eubanks.We've heard Lo returned to reality TV after her two-year fight with LC ended.We hear Jen Bunney was the culprit behind the drama, and we aren’t surprised in the least.

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