Sqlite cache needs updating reading in metadata

This is much quicker if the database has a lot of tables and other components.

Upgrades are triggered by changing the database version number in the res/values/file.

Hey I want to know how to create a database for android and not a one to be edited by the user, a database that is complete and is in the app apk.

It is therefore imperative that we get this issue sorted out, so I'm bumping the priority. The main difference between this and what we already have is that, during Media::pre Save(), the default thumbnail will always be used, so as to avoid expensive and dicey thumbnail download operations.This will almost certainly break tests, but it illustrates the solution I had in mind for this knotty problem.It's nice to have the slickness of thumbnail updates being part of the save operation, but it's extremely dicey and bad to have that logic be part of the Media entity class.The example below demonstrates how to use either method. It is to be placed in the assets folder of the project for the internal method or copied into the "Execute SQL' of SQLite Manager to create the database for the external method. SQLite Open Helper; /** * @author Danny Remington - Macro Solve * * Helper class for sqlite database.(NOTE: Notice the comment about the table required by Android.) --Android requires a table named 'android_metadata' with a 'locale' column CREATE TABLE "android_metadata" ("locale" TEXT DEFAULT 'en_US'); INSERT INTO "android_metadata" VALUES ('en_US'); CREATE TABLE "kitchen_table"; CREATE TABLE "coffee_table"; CREATE TABLE "pool_table"; CREATE TABLE "dining_room_table"; CREATE TABLE "card_table"; Here is a sample update_file.

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