Sql 2016 sp4 validating user

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Microsoft has measured the impact of Kernel Virtual Address Shadowing (KVAS), Kernel Page Table Indirection (KPTI) and Branch Target Injection Mitigation (IBC) on various SQL workloads in various environments and found some workloads with significant degradation.

We recommend that you validate the performance impact of enabling these features before deploying into a production environment.

As such, the product information published for the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform 4.1 suite and SAP Data Services 4.2 and their corresponding support packages are applicable to the combined solution.

Edge BI with DI/DM versions are shown in the table below, see the orange column.

sql 2016 sp4 validating user-11

In Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server, you can export a database to its original location with one click.The table below shows the BI/IPS version and the corresponding compatible version of Data Services.SAP Business Objects Edge BI with Data Integrator (SBOP Edge BI with DI) and SAP Business Objects Edge BI with Data Management (SBOP Edge BI with DM) are products comprised of installers from two products: SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform Suite (BI) and SAP Data Services (DS).SQL patches are currently available for the following impacted SQL versions: Microsoft advises all customers to install updated versions of SQL Server and Windows.This should have negligible to minimal performance impact to existing applications based on Microsoft testing of SQL workloads, however, we recommend that you validate before deploying to a production environment.

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