Spotify collaborative playlist not updating

Other aspects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings which illustrate, by way of example, the principles of the invention.The invention will be readily understood by the following detailed description in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein like reference numerals designate like structural elements, and in which: The invention relates to automatic (or dynamic) updating (or maintaining) of playlists for a media system that stores and plays media content for a user of the media system.Hence, the ability for a user to create their own playlists assists the user in playing those of the audio tracks from the library they prefer.Conventionally, playlists have been created either by a drag-and-drop operation or by rules.As a computer-implemented method for updating a playlist on a media player, one embodiment of the invention includes at least the acts of: receiving playlist rules to be used to create the playlist; producing a playlist from a plurality of available media items and the playlist rules; subsequently determining whether the playlist should be reproduced due to changes with respect to the available media items; and rebuilding the playlist from the plurality of available media items and the playlist rules when it is determined that the playlist should be rebuilt.As a computer readable medium including at least computer program code for automatically updating a list of media items maintained by a media system, one embodiment of the invention includes at least: computer program code for determining whether at least one media item available to the media system has been altered; and computer program code for regenerating the list of media items when it is determining determined that at least one media item available to the media system has been altered.

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The media management system 100 includes a media player 102 and a personal computer (host computer) 104.Thus, the drag-and-drop operation requires user interaction and is particularly cumbersome for media systems that have a large library of audio tracks to choose from.In the case of a playlist that is defined by rules, the playlist is created by a computing device selecting those of the audio tracks in the library that satisfy the rules. The rules are the criteria that are used to determine whether the audio tracks are to be included in the playlist.Although the creation of the playlist is automated after the user specifies the appropriate rules, the playlist that is created is fixed.Unfortunately, since the audio tracks in libraries often change (e.g., new audio tracks added), the playlist that has been created soon becomes unreliable.

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