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This particular sketch was voted number 22 in the 2005 Channel 4 programme, 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches, chosen by members of the public.It was written by Marie Findley of the Mediæval Bæbes and was also based on their antics.High-heeled woman - This sketch was spread over all the series, and had a woman performing sports (such as a relay race or surfing) wearing inappropriate high-heeled shoes.

Sketches included a dog-walking woman being asked to sign apetition so that owners could walk their dogs near the pond.Competitive rivals - This involves the four women who try to 'outdo' each other by subtly showing off bigger and better items.For example, the 1st character brings out a small bottle of water and starts drinking daintily.It featured a vet who had difficulty recognising animals, asking questions about them ("And George is a... " / "Hamster" / "Hamster, yeah.") She would then recommend silly / unusual diagnoses to the animals, such as telling a woman her kitten needed glasses.The Ex - Another sketch that featured more in the second series.

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