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The most useless and slightly embarrassing items are all the old and broken i Pods, cameras and phones.

I should just get rid of them already but they hide in the drawer and I forget about them.

Take a look at photos and anecdotes we collected, showing the different styles of working people from all walks of life -- from marketing to management -- and how they keep their everyday items in check. From the contents of my drawer, it is obvious that I work with computers; my most used item is definitely the flash drive.

If you need to move around files on a regular basis, I strongly suggest it -- it is definitely a prerequisite for meetings so you can get or give files as you are discussing them.

I was told my computer was being hacked by someone getting child porn. After three days of calls and 00 in Google Play cards I am a slightly more jaded individual. If you have more questions, send me another question.

I’m humiliated and ashamed that it never occurred to me that it was a scam. A legitimate US bank will have a website with a list of bank locations and contact information. If you do not find information about a legitimate bank, do not send money by wire transfer, check or other payment method. I have been talking to this man who says he is in the army and is stationed in Africa and can't get access to his money only what he needs.

I had the same thing today tried chatting me on Instagram saying he needs help getting a card as he caint access his accounts wanted me to send i Tunes card to him he said he was in the army in Africa I was a victim of this IRS fraud and nieve enough to believe the caller.

I lost ,000 instantly and there was no getting it back.

I called the number on the screen and they of course answered with “ Microsoft help desk”.

Here is what's in my drawer: Fiscal support specialist, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Desk drawers are wonderful, but in the real world they expand to this...

(see pic) Which is always full of the larger extras -- dusters, discs, personal girlie products for the wayward student and boo-boo strips.

These people said they were just going to borrow the money but no one paid it back.

You can talk with someone at your bank, and ask if you can report the people who tricked you into buying money orders.

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