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it's a scam, don't give out your information, don't pay a penny, just walk away. If you try to reply, guess what, you have to pay, so i did! you have to pay a subscription in order to see what they said. They will never issue a refund for any reason, ever. Every match is on the lowest age you pick and they all seem to be local. Even the account info is very different between the two! No more likes, no chat form the one saying they really wanted to chat with you because they were "really" interested. All the sudden your mailbox will be blowing up with cute singles waiting to talk to you but wait.. Every time you don't look at the app for an extended period of time, some new cute singles want to meet you.. Apple should be held accountable for giving illegal scams like this a platform as well. Absolutely disgusted with Apple over this and how they handle things like this. They admit to using "nominal members" (decoys) to entice you to pay.FILM Pride and Prejudice Lavish costume drama starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.Based on Jane Austen's novel about five sisters in Georgian England in search of single men of large fortunes.

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I'll do it the old-fashioned way Facebook lol This site is all fake profiles. I ONLY PAY FOR ONE MONTH TODAY I CHECK MY EMAIL AND I NOTICE MY ACCOUNT IS STILL ACTIVE WHO THE $#*! DELETED ALONG WITH MY MAIN PICTURE ON THE WEBSITE I had the same problem. I never meant to purchase this app to begin with and it renewed even after I cancelled it. You need to remove your payment information from your Apple i Tunes account, or they will keep stealing your money.

I also don't like how you have to go in to i Tunes to cancel.

Why can't you just hit a damn button or college phone number it's because they want to hit your credit card over and over for .

I think it is funny that I get tons of winks and messages from girls that are way out of my league just being honest, but when I respond back I hear nothing.

Now I hope I don't offend but the nasty ones they respond.

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