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I am also the SAHM of three wild and crazy kids which means that my life never has a dull moment!I love writing about anything as long as they are pieces that can inform or make someone smile. The 5th annual Tantra-Palooza Festival will be doing a whole retreat take over at a beautiful resort in Desert hot-springs for four nights with 12 tantra teachers! Photos include Roxanne, Michael, Triambika, Reid Mihalko, Francoise Ginsberg and More! The San Diego Cast for Showtime’s Polyamory: Married and Dating docu-series held a wrap party at the Victory Theater Downtown with nearly 150 people including the director, Natalia Garcia.We started off with live performance art with Tantra Theater and after viewing the final episode of the season, we held a juicy Question and Answer session.The Nevada Department of Corrections selected the private corrections contractor Corrections Corporation of America to design, build, and operate a correctional facility for women in Las Vegas.The Florence Mc Clure Women's Correctional Center opened in September 1997.

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In my senior year, I’m working hard to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass a Communication.

I am a full-time online student with Ashford University.

Our site is one of the only exclusive crossdressing only dating site and want you to feel welcome and a part of something truly special.

Being a crossdresser is fun, exciting and something which is hard for others to understand.

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