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The charges, which included buggery, gross indecency and indecent assault, were laid and prosecuted by military police.

He served the first ten months of his four-year sentence in the CFB military prison in Edmonton before being sent to Southdown, a treatment centre for Catholic clergy.

In 2007 Reverend Wayne Dohey was charged with sexual assault and one charge of exploitation of a minor.

The charges were dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

The Archdiocese's official comments to the media referred to the abuse as "an affair" which raised public expressions of concern, including questions about whether the Archdiocese was being legally aggressive or simply remained ignorant of the nature of pastoral sexual exploitation when it equated sexual exploitation of a minor and a congregant with "an affair". Cooper was still a priest of the Archdiocese of Vancouver at this time, technically on leave, but had not been liaised (permanently removed from active ministry as a priest). In 1988, a scandal erupted over allegations of widespread abuse of children at Mount Cashel Orphanage in Newfoundland.

In 2003, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Roman Catholic Church is responsible ("vicariously liable") for sexual abuse by its priests in the diocese of Saint George's.

Dohey was admitted to counseling in 2001 when the sexual relationship was acknowledged by the church.Newspaper records of documented cases involved at least 11 abuser priests and 41 victims.Among these cases was those of convicted pedophiles, Dale Crampton, Ken Keely, Jacques Faucher and Barry Mc Grory: all of whom served as priests in the Ottawa diocese in the 1970-80s under Archbishop Joseph-Aurèle Plourde, whose own role in these cases is well documented but was never held to account by the courts.After his release from Southdown, he was taken into the Archdiocese of Toronto by Archbishop Emmett Carter, and was recycled into St. In 1989, he was charged with abuse in Toronto and pleaded guilty. He later claimed that he only pled guilty to spare the families further embarrassment: "As much as I hated it and against my conscience and to save families further embarrassment I took it on the chin." of Belle River, Ontario pled guilty to 47 counts of sexual abuse on females between the ages of nine and fourteen between 19.Paul Bailey, the Crown Attorney for Chatham Kent, reportedly described the case as being the "largest case of non-residential school sex abuse by a Roman Catholic priest" in North America.

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