Sending girls flowers dating who is nivea dating 2016

Users can simply message their in-app concierge, (the cute guy or girl who sends you app updates and who you maybe sometimes hit on) your match or prospect's name and tell them which bouquet or drink you want to send, along with a short message.

Bouquet services will be and drinks will be .

If you’ve been keeping it casual, haven’t said the L word, and haven’t organised any romantic gestures, it’d be a bit weird to suddenly make a huge effort for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to risk upsetting the person you’re dating by giving them nothing, just pick up something small and simple.

‘If you’ve fallen for one another in a big way and you both know it, then you might love the opportunity to spend a day celebrating your new-found love,’ Selina told us.

‘But if you’re taking it slow and seeing how things go, then you might want to give a light-hearted nod towards Valentine’s Day – a jokingly cheesy card or a chocolate heart.’ Essentially, if you and the person you’re dating have been super mushy and romantic from the get-go, you’ll probably want to do something for Valentine’s Day.

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Any less time than that, and you’re probably rushing into V Day romance too quickly.

And when you’re not quite coupled up but not quite single, when you’re dating, or you’ve just met someone new, the looming presence of Valentine’s Day is absolute torture. Is it appropriate to buy stuff with hearts on if you haven’t said ‘I love you’ yet? What if they’re expecting a gift from you and you’ve done nothing? The answer to stress, we reckon, is an agreed upon set of rules.

Rules you can refer back to in case you and the person you’re kind of, sort of seeing have a mismatch in Valentine’s Day expectations and actions.

"In true League fashion, we are putting a fresh twist on the tired dating app ‘charm’ experience.

The League will always strive to offer our members an incredibly differentiated experience – it’s what sets us apart from the dozens of other dating apps out there and why so many of our users are exclusive to The League.”So, how do you do you send your match a drink or flowers?

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