Self liquidating loan definition

with Trust Funds and Special Accounts; these sums are advanced pending availability of sufficient receipts from Trust Funds and Special Accounts, international bodies and other extrabudgetary sources; sums so advanced shall be reimbursed as rapidly as possible.fonds de dpt et les comptes spciaux ; ces avances sont faites en attendant de disposer de recettes suffisantes provenant des fonds de dpt et des comptes spciaux, des organismes internationaux et des autres sources extrabudgtaires ; les sommes ainsi avances sont rembourses ds que possible.

divers fonds de dpt et comptes spciaux au cours du prsent exercice biennal, afin d'viter de coteuses perturbations dans la mise en uvre des activits oprationnelles finances l'aide de ces fonds et comptes, lorsque des donateurs tardaient verser leurs Director-General from the Working Capital Fund, within limits authorized by the General Conference, to be recovered directly from sources outside the Regular Budget of the Organization before the advance is made".

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If you have balloon payments, though, you end up with a "new" mortgage at regular intervals, so you're always paying relatively more interest.

She also spreads out her capital gains tax liability over the long term and frequently can sell her property more quickly.

Many commercial property mortgages have balloons, which means they must be refinanced periodically.

Seller financing is almost always mutually beneficial to the buyer and seller.

The buyer wins by getting access to competitive financing without the rigmarole or expense of going to a traditional lender. When a seller finances the sale of her building, she turns her real estate asset into a stream of monthly payments that can last for years.

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