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The same year, he appeared in the television series i Zombie as recurring character Lowell Tracey, a love interest for main character Liv. Some people believed Bradley dated his love interest in Merlin Angel Coulby who starred as Guinevere, but both have denied this claim.

The character appears in five episodes before being killed off in episode 9. Bradley James has been seen with Georgia King, the Scottish actress born on November 18, 1986 in Edinburgh to parents Isobel Buchanan and Jonathan Hyde.

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S he became a NFL fan, he supports the Miami Dolphins.

Bradley James first appeared in an episode of Lewis in 2008 and also played the part of Ben in the BBC Three drama Dis/Connected.

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Santiago Cabrera (born ) is a Venezuelan-born Chilean-British actor, most known for his roles as the character Isaac Mendez in the television series Heroes and as Lancelot in the BBC drama series Merlin.

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