Russian dating scam photos

I am 48 years old, married and want to leave germany in the middle of 2008.

I have long experience through europe from north to south and i would like to go long distance inside canada and usa. My trucks was in weight over 40 t and in length over 24 meters.

We recently received an email from a German truck driver who asked us not to public his name.

He said that Thomas Lautenbach is trying to leave Germany and run away to the USA and Canada.

Or you write to a lady for 3 or 4 months never could get her number so you could talk to her on the phone, then travel all the way to her city only to find out she was never exist or at best was never interested in you! On their main page there are phrases like (We provide true pictures and information of real, beautiful, sexy, intelligent and well educated Ladies.

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We had the misfortune to buy something from him through Ebay.

We paid for a model train and then he said the article wasn’t what he thought it was so he wanted to cancel the sale.

As you can probably already guess we’re still waiting for our money to return after 3 months.

To my information or knowledge, other companies were also defrauded by Thomas Lautenbach.

In addition I give you the current adress of Thomas and Olesya Lautenbach, since September 2007: Thomas and Olesya Lautenbach 63654 Büdingen - Orleshausen, GERMANY Hardeckring 16 A Phone: 49 6042-958786 Fax: 49 6042-9797074 Mobile: 49 176-41054084 Greetings from Germany!

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