Rrd files not updating cacti

Note that removing the Graph doesn't remove the Data Sources unless you select to do that, and even then it doesn't remove the RRD files - they just stop being updated.

When a Graph is created from a template, Data Source(s) used by the graph are generated from their templates that are needed by the Graph.These can be clicked to refresh the Index which could be useful if any of the devices have changed or there was a problem picking the data up.Like with the Basic case, this provides a means to collect the data, be it a script, SNMP or whatever.This often means that for SNMP configured hosts that you won't see vaild info in the top of the Device page: Checks: When the Poller kicks off it will log in the Cacti log file assuming you haven't disabled this.On Debian based systems this is /var/log/cacti/and will have something like: 1/08/2015 PM - CMDPHP: Poller[0] Host[1] DS[2366] WARNING: Result from SNMP not valid.

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