Redating the new testament

The question then becomes, if we accept the witness that Revelation was written PRIOR to the death of Paul, could we accurately pinpoint the year Paul died as an early year? and I Corinthians (et al.) in which "the Church" (the body of all Christian believers as a whole) is "raptured" or "snatched away" in a deliverance to the Heavenlies until Judgment and the Day of HASHEM purges the Earth.This theological difference is foundational to understand why the Roman branch evolved into what it did, and why they felt a need to artificially create a Papal Office that was non-existent to the time of Against Heresies' first publication.================================18 Christianity Today, magazine, January 18, 1963 “Toward a More Conservative View.” 19 Robinson, John A. Redating the New Testament, London: SCM Press, 1976. Possible locales include from either Macedonia or the isle of Troas in the beginning of the year to as late as Israeli imprisonment before being shipped out to his Caesarian trial from Israel in the Fall.

Irenaeus clearly states that at all points of the Empire in 178-181 A. D.2) 13 years later, a scholar from Cambridge, John A. Robinson, released his work showing the New Testament was written entirely prior to 70 A. Caius speaks from the past Caius was a contemporary to Irenaeus, who along with Hippolytus, and others, probably was exposed to -- and learned directly from -- Irenaeus. What is Caius’s historical or chain-of-custody witness? That is, if Revelation was written, it was penned before A. The which is reiterated and qualified as until "pros to telei tas Domitianou archas" / "up alongside the end/completion of Domitian's reign." This is interpretation is verified by looking at context in the preceding sentence's "di ekeinou an errathe tou kai tan Apolkaluphin eorakotos," which continues into the oft misquoted Irenaeus, to force-fit a late date to Revelation.

In reality, these writers are merely returning to what was once the foregone conclusion of nearly the entire New Testament studies world.

Robinson8 have all recently supported the early date position.9 Moreover, this is far from novel.

(Eusebius, History of the Church, 3.20) We do not have John preserved in any Early Church historical tradition as being known to have come to Rome and be tried before Caesar as were the grandsons of Judas.

Since John was eminently more important in status to the Early Church, and one of Christ’s three closest disciples, had the event occurred, it WOULD have been clearly and historically referenced in the Patristic record.

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