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Richards said that they’re notoriously difficult to enforce, since they typically rely on the couples’ disclosure.

It's hard to get the details right: outstanding faculty questions about what a proposed policy on consensual relationships at De Paul University really means delayed a vote on it.

Claire Valone, average student, above average sports player, but above all has an enormous crush on her Socials Teacher!

Other institutions had adopted such policies earlier.Pollack announced that that she’d largely accepted campus input on student-faculty relationships, and that the institution was banning sexual or romantic relationships between faculty and undergraduates altogether.Romantic relationships between professors and graduate or professional students “whenever the faculty member exercises direct academic authority over the student or is likely to in the foreseeable future,” also are prohibited.The latter policy was a compromise, following debate over an ealier version that would have banned dating between graduate students and professors in the same program.Additionally, “Any member of the Cornell community who has, or has had, a sexual or romantic relationship with a current student or current postgraduate is prohibited from exercising academic or professional authority over that student or postgraduate.” Most sweepingly, College of Music -- which has faced recent allegations that it tolerates a culture of harassment -- adopted a ban on all romantic or sexual relationships between employees and students, graduate or undergraduate, this month.

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