Problems updating garmin oregon gps

my testing indicates that - with the correct version of - most all wav files work fine.

Many people like to have their Custom POIs divided into "Categories" to make it easier to locate a particular POI.

So, in short, they are always displayed in the order they were originally installed on your GPS and will be alphabetical in folder first, then file order within each GPI file. Uncheck the box next to Delete the saved backups 5. To view the amount of available free space your device, follow these steps below.

I also update multiple GPSs regularly and have done it with individual files since each person wants some different and some of the same files. Note that some devices are not mass storage mode devices and will not support the steps outlined in this article. Connect the GPS to your computer with a USB cable 2. A Removable Disk Drive will appear titled Garmin or nuvi, depending on the model 3. Note: some devices require you to open the drive, right-click on the Internal Storage folder, then select Properties 4.

A file set can include a sound file and/or an Icon file * files in a folder other than the POI sub-folder on the device will be read in the alphabetic order of the folders on the device.

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If you are eligible for a free update, you'll see this on the screen. Available downloads include travel guides, language guides, games and trip planning software.At some point Garmin decided that the expense of licensing the ability to play .mp3 files was not profitable. It has been said that the file must be PCM, 44.100 k HZ., and 16 bits, Mono and that a stereo wav file will not work.Even though it is not documented by Garmin, files can be used in place of .mp3 files. To use files, a particular version of must be in the same folder as POI Loader. If you have a stereo wav, there is a portable, freeware software package that will convert it to mono.Services include real-time traffic and safety camera information, as well as specialty features like geochaching software.Click the update you want, enter your payment information and ensure your device is connected to your computer so it can be installed.

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