Proactive threat protection not updating

Ransomware has recently reasserted itself into the public eye in a big way.

The May cyberattack carried out by the malware Wanna Cry was one of the worst ransomware attacks ever, affecting over 300,000 computers operating MS Windows around the world.

That is why it is combined with other ATP tools such as firewalls, secure email gateways, and endpoint security to minimize resource strain and keep network speeds high.

This multi-tiered security approach enables simultaneously communication and integration with each device deployed in the ATP ecosystem, across the extended Fortinet Security Fabric, as well as with the broader Forti Guard global network.

Now, advanced ransomware and other malware variants have evolved to detect when they is in a sandbox, and automatically disguise themselves as innocent until they are cleared to enter the network.In order to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals, security must now detect malicious code that is actively disguising itself.This is exactly what Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection provides.Next, Advanced Threat Protection is fed by both global and local threat intelligence in real-time.Systems are updated with intelligence gathered across the entire global Fortinet network, as well as with local intelligence from the sandbox and other security devices deployed in the network.

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