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For older machines, you might find that the One Drive folder is actually still called Sky Drive.

One article I read on the topic, said to Pause Syncing by right clicking on the One Drive icon in the system tray and then move the desired folders into the One Drive folder and then resume Syncing.

There's an introduction to the feature here: Skydrive Introduces Smart Files and a more detailed description of the process I'm describing here (it's the first answer, by 'Vasudev'): 'How can I delete folders from my HDD without deleting them in Skydrive' Update: There's also a way to do this from the Metro ("Modern") Skydrive app.(you can check online at onedrive.com) Windows 10 has a new One Drive experience since Windows 8.

(all removed) I had 500GB games in folder named Games.

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It contained the command a "directory junction" on the Window NTFS File system.

While the folder can point to a different location, One Drive sees it as just another folder and will sync it as normal.

So I just installed windows 10, and i had my onedrive folder on an external HDD- and as I am watching it - it AUTOMATICALLY DELETED 15000 OF MY RANDOM FILES AND WHEN I TRY TO RESTORE THEM IN RECYCLE BIN - I GET "ERROR" - PREPARING TO MOVE...

By then I found this article (and later this article) with the method I was looking for.

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