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Our families don't know about us, because it's kind of a taboo.We're thinking about how and when we'll tell our families.I had been so conditioned to be blown off, I thought he was politely breaking up with me.So we didn't really talk for a couple days, which felt like a long time. I realized he wasn't trying to end things; he did want to keep dating.

I've set up some of the guys on dates with my girlfriends.

So we set up the date but had to push it off a couple times.

It wasn't a priority, because I was seeing so many random people at that point.

I'm 5-foot-10, and I've always had a thing about height, and I saw this guy with a really sweet, open face, and he was 6-foot-9, I was like, , and one of my favorite sentences ever, "If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, as if he were related to one of the machines that registers earthquakes tens of thousands of miles away." And he responded and said that he actually had a sweatshirt.

Two or three messages in, we found out that we live extremely close to each other, and he was like "Let's meet up." Somewhere in the conversation, and this was in December 2012, I told him I had just seen the film He texted me after four dates, saying that he wanted to slow down.

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