Owa global address list not updating

All of this is goodness and it will lead to a cleaner situation in the future.

However, some clean-up is necessary because many Office 365 Groups have been created by Teams since its preview started in November 2016.

Any search function, such as looking up an address when composing a message or subscribing to a calendar, uses the GAL to search against.

After a change is made, it may take up to 24-48 hours for those updates to be reflected in the GAL.

The potential use of a group as a distribution list is just another factor to consider in your decision making process.

Our task is complete, Groups that should be hidden from Outlook are now exclusively available through Teams. Find what you need to know in “Office 365 for IT Pros”, the most comprehensive e Book covering all aspects of Office 365.

Users then have the choice of collaborating through Outlook-based conversations or Teams.

It’s possible that a team member might then make a mistake and post important information in the wrong place.

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The Global Address List (GAL) is the address look up feature in Office 365.

Sometimes a group mailbox does not have a Conversation History folder.

This doesn’t matter for our check because if a group mailbox does not have a Conversation History folder, it cannot have a Team Chat sub-folder, which is good evidence that the group has never been team-enabled and we can ignore these groups.

The existence of some compliance records in the Team Chat folder shows that the group is team-enabled, and some activity has happened inside a channel.

That should be enough to highlight the group as a candidate for hiding.

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