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Little change in the , Chamberlain Basin reported 24 sut-norma I -temperatures is- -and Island Parkhada27. On tills date In history: In 192C, Gertrude Edcrle of New York became the first American to swim the English Channel. Uie Bat Ue of Af Hca started eiawsult^ay&John-Mrrl Cr- suffers from emotional problems.- expected for a few more days, and Winds Were mostly light, al- 5ome showers are expected to though velocities of 15 to 20 mph devdup 'from Uie central muun^ ' tains northward into the panlian- dle. mbming low readings — ranged from SBTit Lewistoh "'" rtedln'the-Magic-Valley and iqper Snake River plains. The moon Is moving toward Its new The moin Uig stars are Mercury and Veihis. socialized aggression aiid_n)ild-r& ILo Iso Eeeksapermanentln Junctlon- — tardallonr Titiend Si publlcschool in requiring stale- agencies to adopt Idahounliltwoyearsagowhenhewas procedures for appropriate care and commliied_lo jhe State Hospital to "never, again admit anyone In South, the suit says. 17, who dain Uffs' class to the State Ho^ital suffers from a borderline personality South." ^ /^sorder and mild mental retardatim. -posslble-retardatlonjuido Uier-handi— caps -ntnr.'sr^'Od from the Idalio facility to the Deveraux School in Victoria, Texas, the lawsuit says, because Idatio does not have' any available treatment for his disorders In moving the child out of Idaho.Cloudy; windy, cooler weather ahead Twin Fall3j^__Burloy; Rui Jeram&Goodlng areas : Fair this morning with .slowly Increasing high .douds late today and Thursday. ' Fair cariy today wi Ui slowly -Increasing high clouds late-today ..Winds increasing'to 8 to 15 miles an hour In the -afternoonr Hlghs lowto mlddle SOs both days. and_Th ursday^ Winds II gh Lexcept- for afternoon breezes. Overnight lows middle 30s to -Iow40s, -N*r«5T a - ^ 3000 29.77 In~Womnir«: II as Italy Invadetfin" British Somal Uand.™ KKK defendants i dentified -- Alaska lands debate cut of When the Senate convened Tues- day, It was prepared to vote on a conrnromise bill worked out by key senators involved in the Alaskan was wltl Mut precedent because it came on an issue In which tlic Senale- — bad.already- agreed - la a - total debate - tjme Hm ltof S O hours in order to avoid a filibuster. tlie concentratlon...eanip com; _roandantexecuted-l n-ifl6i by-lsrael-fr ' " —during World War Tir : WIesenthal now heads the Jewisli Documentation ' Center In Vienna and acts as a consultant for the . Shoshone BLM DIslrlc J Fire Infarmnllon _ Off icer Carlos Mendlola said winds measured at 45 _ m ph~£itirc K lywhlpped thc. Alaskan land as wildemess.- Gravd has argued that any such ^'Alaskanlandsb UTwouldi Uock up" too- much land that had oil, gas, mining —and tlmber-potentlalj Sravel, who ls_ ..engaged ln.a.tou^re:elc Iil7]s_ aligned with Alaskan developers who E refer to fight the federal government rcourt'over what lands In their state can be developed economically.' Simon WIesenthal ls hugged by Pro^ideiii ' Carter after ccrern Vnles at the Cai Jiiol Nazi-hunter awarded medal ■ ® 1980, The Los Angeles Times ."-WASHINGTOfi L-'Simfln Wlescnthol. — stopped-the Tellow Ford-van'becaus BTmother Dfflcer- . had radioed that It was part of a Klan-Nazl caravan that had been heading to the rally. Six Klansmen and nozls are charged with murder __and felony rioting In the Nov. "^^^ ' - Asked If he saw-any of the defendants in the van, League pointed to four Ivlttnsmen and one of the two Nazis on trial — Klansmen Morgan, Coleman Blair — Erldmora,. Simoh WIesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies at Yeshlva University of Los Ai^es. esllmated 2,000 acres of sagebrush and dried grass 10 miles south oftaroyond — Just south of II. Waic out of control before It::, was reported at A"totai'ort S"nrcnglitei*s from the Boise. — The•AIaska■Coalltlon^agrbupof-S2■- envl^6nmalta Iist groups^ called Uie -compromisc-bill-i^a-kcy-slgp-loward- enactlng an Alaska lands bill tliis year," biit still did not support it. But Gravel worked hi s way a round th e rt Urnrvartety of parilaiiie Mary~ maneuvers that led to rep Jated time-consuming roll-call votes.confidential because Identification In llie lawsuit seeks a preliminary public would "subject them and their injunction requiring Idaho to provide families to public humliiation.-and education and treatment for the embarrassment." _ children and demands the minors be Jeff D., 17.

given proper rehabilltation.-In plac- Also named In the suit U.MUto Q Sma U, executive director for the state board, said -Monday option the board will have to cohslder Is the ability of the two Junior colleges to handle a cutback greater than 3 percei^. ' He noted they received a 1206,000 additional appropriation and' exemption from, the 1 ■percent Ihtoyear; ■ —In reqtonse.-Tayloriuld be would contend- the appropriation to the.'Junior colleges Is made specifically for them by the Legislature aj Kl Uwi Uw nde ul Ui B b VM Uunl immply- ■to pasaonlhoaef Unda . Oieiyl Hymas ot Jerome and George MUler of Coeur dwene.— TB^t h e state dirt n nt„ -.receive tbe"8mouiit-.of~revenue orl|^fllly - tractural obligations to lulft U and a Ml MMitback-^vould-cauae-ufaannr'-lliai-o Iflclal B— - should lo(A-at-haw-ta hdp them-meet those— (Aligatkms,- - — arose because of the Mt. Helens eruption - and U ie sta tepenitentlary Tlot ~— — Taylor-al Bo acknowledged'Qiat the state has "an^obligatlon to help conununities hit by ash Sil^J'LJil'^l S^^^i Jri SS^^ Taylor said be believes he can mee Vbur 3 don't M OTHii*dmto ur^e to rush out pet^cnt-sharet Lby economlzlno In the three penitentiary, hesa.ld,., ^ expens MTone^ime purch Sies and capital "Re^ assured, we win visit with the slate ' * tnard and will be agreeable to a point," Taylor-sald.Elsewherc Tln^ttiuia Llr ' " coolest readlngof: Good hav curing condiltons are forecast for Ifie Maglc_Va J|ey Friday ttirougli Sunday. MUm I Oaicn 7S Mliwiu Kni ~ "~70 ' ".87"' Minndipotls " S3 .... a«IILUi«Clty " S»n dago San Ftancl KO ";p"s«aiii« ■■ B Mikan « . Idaho hospital "solely because there is no.other.appnqirtate-racinty," it ■- b e fn 'on' thiy t te te" ar eii the sign of Leo. It - YOUR NEWSPAPER TIEmn VWNIS"HEl PTCK~throwlng*:and~ '■ violence at the Quban refugee camp at Fort Indlontown Gap Jn Pennsylvania reached tho^prl Eon but Skaggs said there had beetrno reaction.Tempera- tures will be a little below normal and condllkms will be unsettled -although there . M«ni*^.5l»(-w«V^ :28-inch-hxlay-iniir:30 lo33 a P^-whlle Jackson Hote,-Wyo:rhad-the — •Ihursday — National AIDuquarqun Allinta OOJIon y_ Chl MQO D«1U« , K»n»»)Cil»- . U Bw O il Mn i • Dcttoll Honolulu ■Housioit-— ~ Indlinipolli ._Oliunomi Cli H. 0 000 in a _ki»no Fans - Lawlaton' Pociialio Salmon Me Call" ■ ■ By United Presa International Today Is Wednesday. Two soldkers flee rock-throwing Cubans Cubans rioted over alleged a^use by federal agents ~ Ti Refugees Triot 111 Indlaiilo\A/n Par ~PORT"IND1ANTOWN~GA1»; (UPI) — Hundreds of rampaging rtthnna militafy |w H«^ ff|lti -bottles Tsiiiasbed windows-and threat-- «aed to bum down a refugee process- ing center- Tuesday In day-long vio- lence q»rked by a weapons take- down.

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