Online dating woes consider this before dating a korean girl

Now, let’s say your aunt realizes that you really love Skittles.

So, for your birthday, she subscribes you to the “trash bag full of skittles a day” club and you get 10,000 skittles delivered to your door daily.

Basically, male thirst is out of control, and it’s one of the main reason everyone hates online dating.

Guys love blaming women for the problems men and women both have with online dating.

And, it’s partially the result of thirsty guys getting some boldness online that everyone knows they would never have offline (kind of like the shy, socially awkward girl who can barely raise her hand in class who is threatening to beat people up on Twitter).

That issue, men only having boldness online (I believe this is an example of what evolutionary psychologists call the “sneaky fucker” strategy) is another article in itself.

Why, because you are so overwhelmed with choice, you have the option to select only the best.

“Thirst,” for those who don’t know, is a pejorative term for men being excessively sexually and romantically desperate. I took a photo of a very unattractive woman, and I posted it to Whisper. And then later I posted a photo of an average woman. Let me tell another story, this time from a Tinder profile I saw, of an average-looking 41 year old.

Her profile was fascinating: she was pleading with guys to pre-sort themselves, because she was getting way too many likes from ugly and unsuccessful guys.

Women certainly have some of the blame, but that’s not the full picture.

The complaints that men have are that, generally speaking, women are very picky online.

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