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Diplomatic Missions of Armenia List of Diplomatic Missions by country.Statistics Armstat National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia.Legislative power is vested in both the government and the unicameral National Assembly (parliament).According to Freedom House and other sources, corruption, constitutional reform, and a troubled geopolitical environment continued to present challenges to Armenia.Armenia Maps Map of Armenia Political map of Armenia.Google Earth Armenia Searchable map and satellite view of Armenia. TOOT TV is a fresh Armenian music and entertainment channel aimed at the young Armenian diaspora community around the world. Armenian American Broadcasting Corporation (AABC TV) is an Armenian-language television station for Armenian communities in the United States.

Pan Armenian goal is to provide fresh, rich content to Armenian viewers around the globe. Watch H1 Armenia TV (ARMTV or APMTV) կենդանի հոսք օնլայն. H1 Armenia TV (ARMTV or APMTV) is an Armenian public television television station that began transmissions in 1956... Viewers are given the opportunity to communicate with each other live via sms-chat. AM (EM TI VI HEY EM) - music channel which broadcasts 24 hours...In 301, Armenia was the first state to formally adopt Christianity as its official state religion, twelve years before Rome. But after Parthian (Iranian), Roman, Arab, Mongol and Persian occupation, Armenia had been substantially weakened.In 1454, the Ottoman Empire and Safavid Persia divided Armenia among themselves.Exports - partners: Russia 15.2%, China 11.1%, Germany 9.8%, Iraq 8.8%, Georgia 7.8%, Canada 7.6%, Bulgaria 5.3%, Iran 5.3% (2015) Imports - partners: Russia 29.1%, China 9.7%, Germany 6.2%, Iran 6.1%, Italy 4.6%, Turkey 4.2% (2015) Currency: Dram (AMD) (Source: Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others.) Armenia in Figures Armenia key statistical data.Armenia is a republic with a semi-presidential governing system. The president appoints the prime minister, who appoints the members of government.

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