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In fact, the human waste, trash and other materials left behind at protest sites have required Hazmat teams to clean.As for hiding behind the First Amendment, it has long been established that when it comes to speech or assembly in a public forum (such as city parks), the government may impart reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.

Fascinating and hilarious animated special that will open your eyes. This collection includes the Radical Democracy ebook/interactive pdf, which can be downloaded and viewed on almost any device.  It contains 175 pages of ideas and quotes from over 50 years of movement organizing, presented as graphic memes and Shareable on... And it is then that the natural human right to demand a decent life finds itself outside the law and ordinary people are transformed into criminals. In this collection of documents, you will find the hidden truth about the Columbine Massacre, and what the 'mysterious' motivations really were.

In mid-September, a movement calling itself Occupy Wall Street (OWS) began in Zuccotti Park, New York City.

Inspired by the spirit of the Arab Spring that saw the toppling of regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, participants in the Occupy movement are also out to send a message to their leaders.

This demonstration inspired similar protests and demonstrations around the world calling for social and economic equality, which are collectively now referred to as the "Occupy Movement".

Bertrand Russell was a "scientific consultant" to evil psychopaths who wanted to run a world tyranny.

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