Nude grip hookups

Once again I realize I've never asked about her peculiarities in regards to cunnilingus.Judging from the sounds of her moans I decide I got nothing to fear.Haven't even focused on any tongue action, that can come later. Now I think it might be time my tongue made an appearance.I gently poke a bit of it in her mouth to see if she welcomes it or not.I want to use what power I have to make people feel good, starting with Lucy and my sister.This whack off was not used to placate me, instead it took my mind to a higher place.Kissing doesn't really hit the sensory nerves, no potential to go sensory overload and get the chance to experience life without thinking. Just enjoying the fact that I can be so close with another person. "I reckon that was pretty affectionate right there," she decides. She's been brought down to earth in her own relish of what her teaching attains. I know she said that I've been fucked enough already but hey my dick's still hard. Yet what drifts into my mind is not thoughts of hardcore fucking or what have you, it's thoughts of just my sister and Lucy being happy and naked. Fantasies don't have to be all there, they just got to get you to the feeling you want. I just have the power to turn them from unsatisfied to satisfied.She's human like me, she wants the same pleasure that we all do. In these fantasies fucking is not the end all, it is simply the manner I use to get these two to a place of bliss. In this fantasy this change in state came through fucking, they started out not fucked and I made them feel well fucked.

I lift myself so we're face to face, crotch to crotch. It seems silly to get flustered about kissing when your naked sister who you've already banged is right in front of you. Look at what she's doing to me, a kissing blasé kind of guy now giving it his all in hopes of pleasing her. No need to be transcendent about it, just part my lips and put some real feeling into it. There's power in tenderness and she's proof of that.And I think that my session with my sister last night certainly improved my capacity. Tits out now, a sight now more comforting for the reminder of the intimacy we share than for the actual sight of her boobs. Once they're bellow ass level I move my grip to the very bottom of her pants. Anticipation is the name of the game now, with her body becoming the hourglass and my hands pulling down her underwear the sand. Feel no need to slip some tongue action into there.So off we go, straight to my bedroom skipping the drinks. Pull on her leggings in as quick a manner as possible without ripping her pants. The countdown to when she's completely bare before me. It was good while it lasted but what comes next should prove to be even better, especially if her now uncovered vag has anything to say on the matter. No need to make it sound as exciting as taking off hers. Let my intentions know that her own pleasure is a priority for me, not just my erection. I'm already going to be slipping something else into her so why not keep this one surface level. My own way of teasing and building a bit more anticipation. Do a bit more sucking this time, make it seems like I'm trying to drink her essence. Dive my head in there and I'm rewarded with an even closer view of her vagina.

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