Not interested in dating anymore ps3 library not updating

Meanwhile, after the Cologne attacks—in which a thousand refugees were connected to assaulting German women—people have been calling on German men to stand up and fight for them.In times of need, note that all cries of gender equality, we-don’t-need-no-man, and other blatant feminist propaganda have been silenced.Defend women at all costs, including with your own life.On a subconscious level, humans are all aware that eggs are quite a bit more valuable than sperm.

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I’d be thinking about starting a family and how to best raise my children.I think back to my grandfathers, who both willingly served in our armed forces to protect their wives and loved ones.Because people will inevitably call me a coward, scum, and a plethora of other nice names, I think I need to simply say this: German men for their reaction?That you should jump in without a moment’s hesitation and save her.Never mind the absurdity of the situation: jumping in to defend her in a 12 on 1 situation (and at least a couple of them are likely armed) is sure to result in your death, and then her continued rape.

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