Never stop dating her online dating arrangements

For me, I really enjoy following the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Twins.

I watch their games, I follow their stars, and I look up their stats.

When we date, I am consciously choosing to invest my time and organize my schedule around her and our relationship.

This creates a sense of value and importance that has a positive impact on our entire relationship.

It may even help you to not think of this as a “date night”—for some people this creates expectations or a need to impress.

Thinking of this weekly time as “hanging out with my best friend” may increase the likelihood of it happening!

I know my wife and I heard this from numerous friends and well-wishers on our path to wedded bliss.

For so many couples, as they say, “I do,” cut the cake, and open loads of wedding gifts together, they simply cannot imagine themselves really needing this advice.

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So it is even more important that she sees me doing exactly the same thing for her.

Every good friendship will build on the connection of shared experiences and memories of your time together. If your best memories together are all pre-kids or more than five years ago, you’re in trouble.

Go out and do something together—anything—and create a shared experience.

In fact, for most couples, the daily grind creates tension and unresolved minor issues that have a way of multiplying over time.

A weekly date night allows you space to step out of the routine, to stop being co-workers, and build on your relationship.

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