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NET Web Forms, you are probably already familiar with Validation Groups which allow you to validate a portion of a form at a single time rather than validating the entire form. Of course, some projects have arisen recognizing the need to fill this gap in ASP.

However, even if you are using the latest version of ASP. 5.0 as of this writing), you will notice that this functionality is notably missing.

Finally, if you want Microsoft to include Validation Group support in the next release of ASP.

REST is now the most common way to expose web services. There’s no real standard or at least de facto standard to expose a REST contract.

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Do we need HATEOAS in our resources when we have the Swagger documentation? The Swagger documentation helps us to know about the resources and even about the expected formats.

Many API resorts to a human-readable documentation, which is manually edited and thus hard to keep perfectly synchronized with the API.

Another way is to create the documentation from the code itself, and this is what this article covers, by using Swagger on top of Spring MVC.

We’re going to see how to use Swagger on top of Spring MVC, but remember Swagger is a specification and supports a wide range of frameworks.

The controller contains the basic CRUD operations, it uses the Spring MVC API: I made the controller as simple as possible, the point isn’t to have a perfect, bullet-proof controller, but rather to illustrate the use of Swagger.

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