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The porn industry in Spain is a big business and, as a result, there are plenty of studios and adult industry companies operating out of the country including some relatively new start-ups specialising in virtual reality content.

Major presences in the country include G Spot Productions, Ninellie Productions ( and Private Media Group, Europe’s biggest porn company.

Most of the adult stars in Spain are known only in Spanish language films but are popular across South America as well as in their home country.

The short version of this is that prostitution is legal in Spain though there are some activities surrounding the industry which aren’t, including pimping and profiting from running a brothel.

However, in the last few decades, sex tourism in the country has been on the rise, largely owing to the legalisation of prostitution and the major cities embracing their red-light districts.

Sex education in Spain is largely considered inadequate and is not a compulsory part of the curriculum nor is taught widely in schools.

Globally, Spain is the second largest market for prostitution in terms of economy and the country receives around .5 billion in extra cash just from this element of the adult industry alone.In some areas, public pressure has resulted in there being less tolerance of street prostitution whilst in others, soliciting on the streets is part and parcel of daily life.Though brothels aren’t technically legal, they do exist as places where independent prostitutes may gather and ply their trade. The Spanish are proud of their culture and are very liberal minded.Though devout in many aspects of their daily lives, the people of Spain aren’t a conservative bunch and the proof of this can be seen in the diversity of the country’s entertainment industry.

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