Latif dating

The charitable branch of ALJ is known as Community Jameel, and they seek to help the “social, cultural, educational, and economic development of individuals in communities in the Middle East and beyond.” Though Rihanna is worth 5 million, it’s no match for Jameel’s stunning financial portfolio.

In addition to his companies and investments, the Jameel family is one of the biggest car retailers in the world.

Throughout 2016, the American singer and songwriter dated billionaire James Packer breaking up with millions of dollars. Packer is a 50-year-old entertainment mogul worth an estimated .6 billion.Kim Kardashian was paid 0k to accompany billionaire Richard Lugner on a series of dates.For instance, the reality star accepted a mall fortune’ to accompany the billionaire to the Vienna Opera Ball. Lugner is an 82-year-old Austrian political figure and entrepreneur with interests in the construction industry.Jameel graduated from the Sophia University in Tokyo.In June 2017, Jameel’s identity was finally confirmed when the paparazzi snapped photographs of the couple getting steamy in a hot tub in Ibiza.

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